monika mori

contemporary multimedia artist

violence is a decision

most offenders have countless explanations for using violence. the majority blames the victim, even society tends to do so.

that has to stop!

using violence is the decision of the perpetrator – always.

coercive control, manipulation, isolation, gaslighting and everything that restricts personal freedeom and autonomy is psychological violence, emotional abuse. many of the victims misunderstand these methods which are tactics! it´s wanted that self-confidence dwindles more and more, so that the power over the victim takes over. what remains is a person whose personality is broken, mental issues and a lost life.

physical violence, domestic violence and sexual abuse is currently increasing, more and more alarming – particularly lethal use of force!

that has to stop!

ultimately, it is your decision whether you want to live such a life or break free. once you’ve made up your mind, be sure to contact one of the organizations or authorities of this subject which will guide you. a separation often results in break up violence and that´s life threatening, so you need help to make that change!

this is a very brief outline of the subject, food for thought. stay away from nasty people – once and for all.


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