monika mori

contemporary multimedia artist

zero tolerance

for nasty people!

as an high sensitive individual i had many difficulties to deal with people who were nasty either to myself or others. i was raised to be friendly to take people how they are and to not be as i am. that put me in awkward disgusting situations.

as i know now supressed anger and aggression caused most of my health issues such as gallstones at 21 and a major surgery back then. at 44 multiple sclerosis was discoverd.

some of this unhealthy events generated mental illness as well because of the trauma. i had no clue why i felt how i felt, why i was different as the children growing up with or my classmates.

i suffered a mental collapse at the age of 50 and got the diagnosis PTSD, deep-seated depression and bipolar disorder. i´m on meds and feel good 🙂

despite all that, i had a successful career, worked hard and with great joy in various areas. when i started as an artist after ms was diagnosed, i gave it all and am so proud what i´ve accomplished.

most of all, i´m the mum of an incredible young man who had to experience up close those challenges. he established a successful career at a young age, lives and works abroad. he stands by me every time, imagine the gratitude i feel 🙂

one day shy of 63 it´s of the essence to draw your attention to, whatever uncomfortable situation you´re in, ask only one question and that is how!

how do i better myself!

and stay away from nasty people 😉



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