monika mori

contemporary multimedia artist

adrenaline rush

in a blink of an eye i decided to publish this new page.

imagine you were offline for years and all of a sudden it – the page – has to happen and you have no clue how to create and deal with all what´s coming up. previous knowledge is stored in an undisclosed part of the brain 🙂

step by step the adrenaline rush put me into overdrive – my whole body started shaking because of neurological disorders. the stress caused by starting to work again was simply too much, i didn´t expect that! sounds strange? just facts i have to cope with.

nevertheless i accomplished this little and essential turn after years of self-imposed reclusion. time which was of the essence to process the database of my life, come to terms with health issues and determine that´s ok to be who, how and where i am.

sounds slightly familiar to you? often there´s only one thought necessary to recognize affinity. it´s up to you 😉



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